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UkraineBoost ApS is founded by Christian Englev Christiansen with the goal of supporting Ukraine in its fight for freedom. I will in the following tell more about why I founded UkraineBoost ApS and what the goals for the future are.

Freedom has always been important to me and the choices I have made in life. With freedom, I mean that everyone has the right to choose their own path in life and own way of living, but with freedom there also come responsibilities. The most important is that when exercise your own freedom, you don't have any right to take away other's right to exercise their freedom. So freedom is not unlimited and doesn't give you the right to hurt others.

War is therefore the ultimate way of taking away people's freedom. You use blunt force to force people to take away their freedom. Not only about how to live, but as we have seen in Ukraine the right to your own body, and in the end you take away people's life. The ultimate way to take away someone's freedom. They will never get the right to become parents, to live happy lives with loved ones, and those who love them will have their hearts broken.

That's why it's so important to support Ukraine in its fight for freedom. War is not pleasant but right now that's the only way forward as if we don't stop the aggression from the Russian elite now, there will be even more suffering in the future and even more people will lose their freedom, lives and chances of getting a rich and fulfilling life.

The first goal is to support the Ukrainian army and the soldiers fighting in the Ukrainian army. It can be stuff like protection gear, drones, computers, communication and a lot of other stuff. You need a lot of stuff in a modern war.

It can also be humanitarian aid. Just to supply basic health care to those living in the areas that has been occupied will be an enormous task.

Lastly it will be supporting the Ukrainian economy. An example can be how we would like to sell Ukrainian products made by Ukrainians or in Ukraine.

The need of support is endless and every contribution how small it might be will make a big difference.

We try to make our contributions as direct as possible in order to avoid our help disappear in corruption or bureaucracy. Unfortunately, has Ukraine had to fight with it for a long time and even during dark times do you find people who is ready to risk their home and country for some extra money. 

Our goal is to help Ukraine on a path towards freedom, democracy, prosperity and becoming a strong member of the international community.

We meet Ukrainians and others who feel helpless and feel too small and insignificant to make any difference. But by helping us support Ukraine you can actually make a difference. Read our page about how you can help us support Ukraine and join us.

A Danish priest and poet once wrote a beautiful song about small insignificant raindrops over time would cave out a stone. Let's every one of us be one of us be one of the raindrops and cave out the future. A future with a free and democratic Ukraine.

I'm looking forward to work with you.

Christian Englev Christiansen


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